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Sonómetro clase1

dBAir Safety Sonómetro clase 1 GA141S

dBAir Safety Sound Level Meter GA141S


Castle Group


Environmental Noise, Long Term Noise Monitoring


Class 1


A, C, Z

Measurement Parameters

LAF, Third Octaves, Leq, Ln, Lmax, Lmin, Lden, Peak, Le, Lnight, Lday

Noise Features

1/1 Octaves, 1/3 Octaves, Audio Events, WiFi Data Transfer, Data Logging, Statistics

Available Outside the UK?


dBAir Environmental

The Castle dBAir Environment comes with predefined Environmental Measurement Templates, keeping all of your setup procedures to an absolute minimum, as well as giving you the extra assurance that you’re measuring the correct parameters for your assessment.

Main Applications For The dBAir Environmental Are:

  • Hand-held environmental measurements
  • Boundary noise checking
  • BS4142 checks
  • Construction noise
  • Compliance testing


dBAir Environmental 1/3 Octave

If you are looking for a Sound Meter to carry out environmental noise studies, the Octave Band version of the dBAir Environment is the instrument for you. Coming with 1/3 Octave bands as standard, it is a feature that is often required for long term environmental noise studies. The dBAir Environment Octave has been specifically developed to be capable of carrying out both handheld and long term outdoor noise assessments. With weatherproof accessories and external power sources, the dBAir can effectively run indefinitely. Capable of audio events recording and measurements of 1/3 octaves every 100 ms, the dBAir Environment is a high end instrument at a hugely competitive price.

Main Applications For The dBAir Environmental 1/3 Octave Are:

  • Tonal Noise Assessment to 1/3 Octave
  • BS4142 assessments
  • Construction noise
  • Compliance testing
  • Boundary noise monitoring
  • Hand-held environmental measurements

The Castle Cloud

The Castle dBAir uses the revolutionary new Castle Cloud Software. Hosted online, all you need to access it's entire software capabilities is an internet browser.

  • Data Wirelessly Uploads from the dBAir to the Castle Cloud
  • Data can still be downloaded using a cable if required
  • Secure Data Storage and Automatic Back-ups
  • Simple and slick interface allowing even first time users to capitalise on The Castle Cloud's vast features
  • Automatic updates mean no downloads ever required.

Applicable Standards

IEC 61672-1:2013 IEC 61260-1:2014 (Where Octave Bands Fitted) IEC 61252:1993 amendment 1:2000 (Where Exposure Fitted)


Class 1:Type 1 Pre-Polarised ½” (50mV/Pa) Condenser Microphone -26 dB ± 2 dB re 1V/Pa Class 2:Type 2 Pre-Polarised ½” (25mV/Pa) Condenser Microphone –32 dB ± 3 dB re 1V/Pa

Measurement Ranges

Linear Operating Range: 95dB

Noise Floor

Typical ’A’ WeightingFrequency WeightingsMeasurement 1: A, C or Z Measurement 2: A, C or Z

Frequency Range

1 Hz - 20 kHz (electrical characteristics) Class 1: 12.5 Hz - 20 kHz (including microphone) Class 2: 16Hz - 16kHz (including microphone)

Time Weighting

Measurement 1: Slow, Fast, Impulse Measurement 2: Slow, Fast, Impulse


2.4” Full Colour TFT 240x320 pixels

Dual Measurements

Simultaneous dual measurement with independent time and frequency weightings

Octave Band Analysis

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